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Life is really very simple

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 Garrick Chatsworth-Spencer

 Life is really very simple

It is not meant to be difficult, but we often make it so.


We’ve seen the transformation hundreds of times.  People who are full of doubt and uncertainty become secure in the knowledge of the joy and fulfillment that is always present and available to us all... if we would only learn how to BE one with ourselves, that is with Spirit - Infinite Intelligence, Eternal Wisdom, Universal Joy and Abundance.  God Source!  This is who we really are.  We are Spirit - God Source - and not just the physical, 'ego self" we believe ourselves to be.  When we understand this Universal Truth and live as Spirit, as opposed to ego self, we discover again the endless possibilities of our Life and the amazing World in which we live! 


Take the first step toward personal renewal – toward the happiness, love, and fulfillment that are always and eternally yours. 

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